Yes, as a writer you are entitled to suffer from writer’s block, but not too much of it. It’s like “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache”, OK once in a while but easily overused.

Often it’s a matter of self pity –

  • “What’s the point? I never get anything published anyway.”
  • I’m kind of tired”
  • Nothing seems interesting just now.”

Would an employer be interested in these excuses?

Ideas to get over writer’s block:

  • exercise – preferably a walk in a park, in the woods or on the beach
  • read something either in print or on the computer. Find something that inspires you or can be counted on to show you new ideas or a new way of thnking
  • go to a site such as You’ll find lots of ideas to start your mind ticking over
  • Give yourself a small treat. Consider it karma working backwards, First the reward and then the activity that earns it.

And if all this fails, give thanks for the ability to write. Gratitude beats moaning.