I read this book recently and found inspiration throughout. It helped me to focus in communicating what I really believe in.

Saskia Shakin. More Than words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers Ovation Publishers, New York 2008

So what has this got to do with being a writer?

It has everything to do with being an inspired communicator. It has everything to do with communicating from the heart, being true to yourself as you write or speak.

The writer delves down to the essence of communication, making her readers examine themselves, what lies beneath their desire to communicate and how to reach out to engage the feelings of those who read or hear you.

She looks at the importance of story – revealing its importance in carrying the depth and meaning of any message and delivering it to the heart of those you wish to influence.

She is clear that in order to influence others you must first believe yourself, you must have integrated the meaning in and of your life and be expressing your truth.

She talks about expressing your expertise with enthusiasm and communicating with integrity so that  you are perceived as credible.

We become writers because we want to share with others our ideas, our perceptions and our perspectives. This book gets to the root of this, so that we set out on our task – writing or speaking – with a solid basis of our honesty and our truth.  It is not a how-to book, with tips and tricks, it is a foundational book for the thoughtful communicator It is illustrated throughout with personal stories drawn from the writer’s many years of coaching communicators.

This is a book for those who deeply value their craft. I found it to be a treasure.