Sometimes I sit down to write, but first I just check my e-mail. It will only take a minute. But it turns out there’s something important that I need to respond to right away. That’s half an hour gone.

By now I’m feeling a little thirsty so I go make myself a cup of coffee. When I go to put milk in the coffee I realize something has spilled in the refrigerator, so I wipe it up. Then I take the kitchen trash down to the garbage, and as long as I’m down there I’ll go get the mail. I see my neighbour there and we chat for a while. That’s another half an hour gone.

I go back to my desk but now I have to go to the bathroom and I notice the make up I bought yesterday and I pause for a moment to try out that new eye shadow. Hmm, I’m not sure about that colour, maybe if I had the right lipstick on, and the blush. I’m still not sure. Maybe I should try it with the new top in my closet, the one I haven’t worn yet. First I need to remove the sales tag. Yep,  another half hour gone.

Short of locking the computer room door and throwing the key out the window there must be a way to focus on actual writing. One trick some writers use is to wear some special article of clothing as a sign that they are writing!!!! They are not available for anything else.

No “Would you give me a hand with this for a minute?”

No “This might be a good time to bath the dog.”

Just writing.

You could wear a certain T shirt, a bright scarf, a big fat ring on your finger that is right in front of your eyes as you work. It’s a reminder to you and to anyone else that you have work to do at the computer. You’re a writer.