That’s right. How do you feel right now? Relaxed? Happy? PO’d? Tired?

Take a moment to describe the feeling – at least in your mind and preferably on paper.

Feel that feeling. Really deep down feel it. How does it make your body feel? How does it affect your posture, the way you are sitting?

What happened to create this feeling? Think about the event or the factors that lie behind it.

If you have time, write all this. At the very least it will help you understand your feelings a little better. It will also help you to get deeper into your characters.

No-one exists in a feelings vacuum. As your protagonist walks down the street or enters a room his/her mind is working on something. Maybe it’s annoyance at a sale that was lost, worry about the kids, or weight gain or missing a train or plane, or it’s pleasure as they look forward to…

You get the picture. Their feelings show in gesture, posture, hand movements. It only takes the shortest phrase but it brings the reader right into the interior of the character. It shows how this character reacts, and will react in future, it links their past to their future.

It doesn’t matter that she’s wearing a blue top or he has neatly combed hair. What matters is the inner workings of this interesting mind.

Which brings us back to – how are you feeling? Practice this awareness – it’s part of your writing skill.