Does your writing make you happy?

If your answer is just plain “No”, then why on earth are you doing it? Maybe you’re making good money at it. That’s fine.

But many of us don’t make good money at it, so it should be making us feel happy, or content, or fulfilled. Not all the time – most of us get the rejections and feel angry and frustrated. Don’t these editors know true genius when they see it?

But, for a writer, the act of writing should usually bring some sense that we are doing something good, something worthwhile, something that fulfills us.  Whether it is fact, fiction, blog or book review it is expressing ideas that cry out to be shared.

We each of us have a purpose in writing. For some it is a grand design of changing the world.  Others might want to entertain or reveal some knowledge or insight that can help others. Our purpose can be different for different projects, but the purpose has to exist otherwise you have no focus.

Unless you are writing purely for money your purpose for writing will probably reflect your values. You feel that inner drive as you write. This piece will make a difference, you just know it.

The happiness of that purpose carries you over the moments when the character that seems so vivid in your mind turns out to be flat on paper and you have to go back time and time again to dig them out their bland existence. In an article it carries you over the moment when you realize you’ve just spent all morning creating a brilliant cliche.

As a writer the sense that you are creating something meaningful and worthwhile gives you a happiness that is quite unique. It’s a happiness you don’t find anywhere else. It’s an experience you wouldn’t trade.

Take a moment to feel the happiness when you get a vivid image down on paper, or a create a kick-ass character, or clarify and express strongly an issue or opinion that has seemed vague and wishy-washy. You have achieved your purpose.

You done good! Enjoy the moment.