Maybe you write just to get those words and thoughts out of your system. That’s a good reason. It’s a form of therapy – and an inexpensive form. You unload whatever has been rattling around in your mind and it finds a home, printed  on the screen or on paper.

But maybe you would like others to share your thoughts and ideas. You take a leap of faith and put them into an article or a blog. Now you can’t just unload all those thoughts and dump them like a load of fertilizer. (You can tell I was out in the garden this morning.)

If you have a blog, or plan to submit an article to an editor, you’ll want to do some sorting through those ideas. The key to this is focusing on your potential readers. With these unknown readers in mind, have you expressed your ideas clearly? If you were to tell them to a neighbor, or to the guy down the hall at work would they ‘get it’?

Then you look at the flow. Have you flitted around the garden of your mind like a butterfly? We often do that, it’s fun. But if others are going to read your work you should give them a clear path to follow. No flitting.

Without a clear logical path readers will do their own flitting, probably to another article or blog. You have to make it easy for them to follow you and to stay with you in spite of other attractions. You’ll find lots of good blogs and articles out there. Make your ideas and flow of thought so compelling that no-one would consider leaving until they have followed you through to your logical conclusion.

You do have a logical conclusion? Right?