One of the surprising aspects of being a writer is that people will disagree with you. How dare they? You put time and effort into what you wrote and they come up with criticism. The nerve!

If you write gentle poetry or musings readers will either like it or skip over it – you probably won’t know unless they respond to tell you how much they loved it.

But once you start putting your beliefs or opinions down – whether on paper or on line – you’ll find people who disagree, maybe strongly. They will question your thinking, your logic and anything else that comes to their mind.

This is good. Swallow hard and keep on going. You have hit a nerve. You have made someone think outside their box. You done good!

Sooner or later in our writing, whatever form it takes, we have to take a stand of some sort. Say what we believe.  It might be a topic of world concern or something minor that matters to you at the moment.

The scope of it is immaterial. That you have the courage to put your opinion out there is the important part. Being a writer demands that we don’t just report facts like a journalist would. We put out own perspective in there. It would be lovely if the whole world agreed with us, because we are just so right.

We not necessarily right, we’re writers. We are here to make people think. Make them consider something they never thought about before. Give them a different slant on something they thought they knew all about. Raise questions in their mind.

None of this is comfortable for people, and some will lash out, blaming the messenger. Some will complain that you write in no known genre. Pick a genre they will say – you can’t just make your own up.  Some will cloak themselves in the virtue of age or religion.

No matter. You are the person with the courage and integrity to write what you believe. You’re the one standing out there, tall. You’re a writer.