O.K., I know I’ve said it before, but writers write. Every day. For some people it’s a journal. Others Tweet or add to their Facebook page or they e-mail friends. It’s all practice writing.

The more you write – even ordinary events – the more chance you’ll find gems here and there that can be used in a story, an essay, an article or a blog.

Look around the coffee shop. See those two young women? They look quite similar in age, style of dress, coloring. Can you describe them in writing so that anyone reading it would know right away which was which?

Someone new walks into the office. You think “If I was writing a story I’d cast her in the role of…” When you get time, write the story and put her in it.

Imagine yourself a psychic. You look at people and you know more about them than others do. Can you see the pain in his eyes? What caused it?

Can you see that she looks nervous, almost afraid, but there seems no reason to be afraid.  What lies behind that?

Write down your imaginings. Make it almost a story. It might be lacking in plot, but it’s for your eyes only. It’s practice in building a character-driven story. With more practice you’ll be able to start adding in the rest.

As a writer, you have a world of ideas and imaginings within you. Unless you practice, your expression of your ideas can be awkward. You get annoyed with your awkwardness and you can be tempted to think that you’re not a writer after all.  But all you need is practice in getting those ideas and imaginings from your brain to your finger tips.

No-one else need read your work while you practice. You’re strengthening your writing muscles. You might make mistakes but you’ll learn from them.

At the same time you will become more deeply aware of the world and the people around you – and that in itself is a pleasure. You’ll become  aware of the odd little tics and habits people have and you’ll practice imagining why? and what if? as you watch them.

One of the benefits of being a writer is that deeper awareness. You are opening and expanding a new dimension for yourself.

The world of the writer is a wonderful place.