This is a fairly new blog – maybe six weeks old. I’m enjoying writing it – it’s fun to share ideas and connect with people. Still, I’m at the point where I know I have to write lots of high quality content to attract and keep readers.

So, imagine my surprise – and my huge pleasure – last night when a fellow blogger passed along a Versatile Blogger award to me. to me! Yay! Maybe not quite the Pulitzer prize, but hey, I get to brag and put a cute little image on my site.

Now, with most awards you earn it first, then you celebrate. This is different. I’ve done my dance of joy, and had a glass of wine. Now I have to earn the award. I have to share seven things about myself and list 15 of my favourite blogs. So, here goes.

About me:

– I’m nuts about animals. When I go for a walk, dog walkers grab on to their dogs, afraid I might kidnap them. So far I have restrained myself.

– I have two cats who have extra toes. Clipping their claws takes a whole morning.

– I have two grown kids, two grandkids, a granddog and five grandcats.

– I plan to kidnap my granddog, Buddy, but my daughter checks my pockets before I leave her house. (He’s a small dog.)

– I started writing, in pencil in a lined exercise book, when I was ten years old.

– That was 15 years ago (Well, nobody said I had to tell the truth.)

– I’m happy. (That’s the truth.)

I’ll tell you about some interesting and favourite blogs next time.