I just got back from my morning walk. It’s a staple of my life. I’d like to tell you that I love it, but truth is it’s often hard to dig up the motivation to get out and do it.

And why not? It is a beautiful autumn morning. Cool and almost time for me to put on a heavier jacket. Anyone can see the leaves turning color, notice that it’s darker now when I set off.

But for the writer the experience is deeper – and if it’s not deeper you need to get to work and tune up those observational muscles. Do you see how some leaves hold the dew longer than others and they are softened by this pale unique dewy mist?

Do you pick the late blackberries to taste their tang one last time? Do you notice the texture of the leaves along the trail? Can you feel how the newly-fallen pine needles soften your tread? Do you sense the breeze on your cheek, the glint of sunlight through the leaves?

Can you hear the squirrel skittering up the trunk of the big fir tree, or the frog complaining that it’s time for him to hibernate?

Today I had a special treat – a coyote running on the trail ahead of me, sleek and proud after a summer of plentiful food. But it isn’t only the big things that enrich our experience – it’s all the tiny details

Take note of them. They give your day an extra dimension. Your details will be different from mine. Maybe you will observe more. And you will be richer for it.