One of the first questions a new writer asks is “Where do I find a publisher?”

The good news is that they are not lost. However, the bad news is that there is no secret stash of them; there is no cupboard they are all hiding in that I can give you the key to. (OK. Fine. …to which I can give you the key.)

The good news is that there is a source, a place you can find most of the publishers in North America. Google “writers market”. It lists most publishers of just about anything from techie stuff to religion, from books to local magazines. You’ll find agents and lots of useful articles besides.

The bad news is that you have to pay for it. You can purchase the Writers Market in two formats – as a book, a big fat book re-issued annually, or online where you can get access to the information for different periods of time. You have a number of options.

Once you have the information you face the task of sorting out which publishers will be most interested in the type of writing you’re hoping to sell. Doing this task well will save you a lot of rejection slips.

So there you have it. The secret is out! That’s where you find publishers.

Finding THE publisher who will publish (and pay for) your work is a different story, but you can do it. Join the rest of us in our research and trial and error, it’s a journey many of us are taking. It’s a community of writers. Join us.