You’ve heard the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Now of course you and I are not insane, so we must be making changes, right?

How about in your writing? Are you making changes to that?

If your writing is getting you the results you want – money and acclaim or whatever it is – then change might not be needed. But if your writing isn’t as successful as you’d like maybe you need to change something.

What about the last time someone critiqued your work. Someone told me recently “That secondary character wasn’t fleshed out enough.”

Did I go right away and add detail to him? Actually, no. I thought “He’s good enough as is.” I didn’t change.

I was given the gift of someone else’s insight and I declined it. So often we, as writers do that. We create something, fall in love with it and reject change.

Someone recently said “Nothing changes until something changes”. Think about that. Until you make that change in your work the results you get won’t change.

That form rejection slip didn’t start off in the editors’ office. It started off when we kept on writing the same old way. It started when we rejected suggestions for change.

It started when we saw a new way of writing and thought “Nah. It looks hard. I’m not used to it. I’d probably fail anyway.” We didn’t venture to change. We say “I’ll stick to what hasn’t been working so far because this new way might not work.”

Just a tad illogical, wouldn’t you say?

What can you change in your writing? (Me? I’m going to work on that secondary character. I promise.”)