Last spring my old dog Jet crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a big dog, looking a bit like the dog in the header, which is why I chose that picture. She loved everyone and everyone loved her.

I did not get another dog, but I still miss her. I thought I was the only one to miss her until I came across this:

It’s my little Siamese cat, Jade.

Years ago I had given my youngest grandson this big stuffed dog. After Jet was gone he offered to give me back the stuffed dog. After  all, he is a teenager now.

I accepted his offer and put the dog right beside my armchair, exactly where Jet used to lie. I needed a dog figure there.

Jade the cat snuggled right in. She needed to have a dog there too. She was missing a companion, just like I was.

What has this got to do with writing? I’m not quite sure. Maybe I’ll write about it one day. When I have a blog.