When you’re writing fiction, part of the setting is the time of year. Not all stories need this, but the sense of place is enhanced when you have an understanding of the weather and the changes it is creating.

The word ‘atmosphere’ applies not just to the creepiness of a horror movie, but to the real atmosphere is all around us.

More important –  it is all around the characters in our stories. Right here, right now in the Pacific Northwest we are starting to feel the beginnings of gentle warmth, but with plenty of rainy days. In the east they have snow, I hear.

Each area has it’s own atmosphere that can add to our stories. Each area has its own spring feeling, along with its own feeling for other seasons. How do your characters respond to this? Do they hate the rain? Glory in the warmth? Complain about the dandelions?

Different places have different birds in spring time, different flowers, different trees. The angle of the sun is different and so is the moisture in the air. Use this to give extra depth to your story.

By now, I’m sure the beaches in Florida are warming up – here in the northwest, not so much, not yet. So the activities will be different in Florida; more people outside, fewer thick jackets. People respond to the season and the air around them. Their clothing, their activities are part of that and part of the surroundings in your story.

By giving a sense of the atmosphere you give your story an additional dimension and a context. It isn’t happening any-old-where. It’s happening right where you set it.